Where there's a wall, there's a way!

It has been a busy few months one way and another with work commitments, the closure of my photographic home at Botany Bay Shopping Mill and looking for a new place to display my work. As a small business that is no mean feat. The overheads are mind blowing. Rents of £16000p.a and more are the norm. I would be happy to earn that never mind see it disappear from my cash flow faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

So, time to think outside of that box! Not easy when there is nothing reliable happening among the grey cells at the moment. Reaching for a light bulb moment might be a stretch too far! A little spark of an idea! A little beacon of hope! What about wall space in an existing business or businesses?

So I put it out there and what a response. I have my work on display in Goodies Coffee Shop and a catalogue for clients to order from, also at New Era Coffee Shop and The Harmony Hub has a new re vamped gallery in their shop. So as one door closes another one opens. Where there’s a wall there’s a way!

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