A little messy

I love what I do but there are times when I seriously question my thought processes in photographing a particular scene or the consequences of my actions! Picture Tarn Hows, early one cold , damp and frosty morning. Lovely , I hear you say and you would be quite right, stunning, a photographer's dream. Let us now fast forward to the bit where when I make the dodgy decision to take the extremely muddy path down to Tom Ghyll. This is where it becomes a little messy, in fact, very messy as I slither down as far as the first cascade, before unceremoniously ending up in a mossy wet heap by the waterfall. Not a bad spot to land I think, dusting my muddy self off, trying to look like it was a planned descent. Now to shoot that waterfall, it should be easy! Nope, I have no tripod with me, so to add insult to injury, I now have to wedge myself and the camera in another a mossy, rocky hole to take the shot. When I finally emerged from the murky depths on to the well worn track round Tarn Hows, I must have looked like 'The creature from the black lagoon' So, was it worth it? I'll leave you to decide!

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