Put your big coat on

It seems to have been a relentless few months with outside events taking up most of July and August with the relaxing of restrictions. The Stephen Bayliss event was a scorcher and to be honest I thought we were on to a winner with the weather looking settled. With hindsight, checking in with Carol Kirkwood might have been more prudent.

It is fair to say that in Lancashire, planning an outdoor event in the English summertime is challenging to say the least. We whisper the word ‘event’ in planning, hoping that the weather police won’t hear and bring about a cataclysmic change in the weather. Guess what, they always hear and mention ‘Chorley Flower Show’ and there will be a temperature drop of 15 degrees, torrential rain and storm force winds thrown in for good measure.

This year was no different, The 3 days of the Flower Show and the Food and Drink event in August were mostly under a black cloud, literally, but despite the weather, it was a great deal of fun and a good time was had by all who attended. We Northerners are pretty tough cookies, we just put our big coats on, brollies up and carry on!

September is now upon us and the start of the busiest season for me. Chorley Calendar is for sale in various outlets, I have commissions on the go, Fiver Fest in October and collaborations with other businesses in the pipeline which is exciting. November and December sees the return of fairs and outdoor Christmas markets and yes, without a doubt, I’ll be putting my big coat on!

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