Busy bees always make honey

I like bees, in fact, I love bees. I have learned a lot from watching these busy little beauties. They search out the object of their desire, are labour intensive and work hard to produce an end result. A bit like being a photographer really. I don't have wings, so my searches for the right subject are of the two legged kind, over hill and dale and towpath and track. Once found, I can be irritatingly labour intensive, continually shooting the same subject over and over again from a different angle, different setting, in different light, whatever it takes until I am happy with the image. So be warned , walk with me at your peril! The hard work done, I can buzz off back home, to edit here and there and hopefully produce a bee-eautiful, end result that people will love and want to buy! So, when people say to me' You are such a busy bee' Yes, I am and proud to be making my kind of honey!

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