Follow the yellow brick road

To say my house is small is an understatement. It is small and perfectly formed but most definitely a Hobbit Hole. Most of the year I cope admirably in my small space but come September chaos breaks out. It is the run up to the busiest time of year with Chorley Calendar being produced, the frantic rush to deliver to stockists and customers alike, encouraging new stockists on board and a never ending stream of craft fairs. This is when the usually well oiled machine of my business life becomes akin to a rollercoaster at Alton Towers. There is the constant whirr of images being churned out of the printer, only to be lined up in order creating a path resembling the yellow brick road which winds from the spare room to the outer reaches of the other bedroom. More often than not it tracks down into the living room where there is a fight to the finish with mounts and cellophane wallets. Despite the frenetic activity, craft fair fever and that I’m no Dorothy and don’t wear magic shoes (though my tired feet would welcome them) I do meet a lot of new people along the way. As for my Emerald City, if I reach Christmas with a ho ho ho and happy customers, I’ve made it!

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