Ghost in the machine

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to experiment with more advanced settings and to shoot in RAW. RAW is the modern digital equivalent of a negative. It gives you more scope when you use an editing tool without the image losing its integrity like a JPEG does. Once you are happy with the edited image, you convert and save it as a JPEG.

Originally, I had decided to shoot in RAW and JPEG then play around with an editing tool to see what the differences were between the quality of each image and it is quite marked. So, for some time now I’ve been happily shooting away in what I thought was my usual setting.

Imagine my confusion when I downloaded the images and they were all JPEG. The RAW images were just not there, missing, gone like a ghost in the night. The camera said I was shooting in the correct mode but showing only the icon. I was beginning to think that RAW+JPEG on screen had been a figment of my imagination. I tried reset, different modes and moving the camera cursor! No joy!

What was going on here? Settings don’t just disappear! Is it a fault, a glitch, a ghost in the machine? No idea! So who are you going to call? Ghostbusters! Well, Canon, UK actually. They were as mystified as me. Backwards and forwards for 4 days, we tried this and that, with me forwarding mobile phone pictures of displays, icons, ghostly red boxes. Still no joy!

For Canon, this was more than a ghost busting exercise it was now a matter of personal pride. So another reset, another shot and result! Caspar has left the building! We are back in business!

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