Ice and a slice of Siberia

I love walking on the cold, crisp days of winter. So before the Beast from the East morphed into the Pest from the West I decided to venture forth from Heapey reservoirs to White Coppice, as I had heard rumours of interesting ice formations there. Wrapped up against the sub zero temperatures, resembling something vaguely akin to the Michelin Man, I strode purposefully to the shores of the reservoir. What a treat! amazing ice sculptures formed by the ferocious wind whipping up the water and freezing it over the plant life. I could not wait to get my camera out of my rucksack to capture these unusual creations. Oh boy, easier said than done! I was so well padded that the rucksack was as tight as a straight jacket. Ten minutes later, after performing manoeuvres Houdini would have been proud of, the kit is out and I’m ready and raring to go.

Has anyone ever told you how hard it is to take a photograph with fingerless gloves on in sub zero temperatures? No I guess not! I had one woolly warm thumb, and four numb fingers to work with. Holding the camera was a challenge, operating it, a feat of endurance. In the end, it was off with the gloves, watch my hands turn blue, capture the images then put my gloves back on. I endured the rest of the walk with my frostbitten hands stuffed under my Michelin Man sized armpits to restore the circulation, to the amusement of the all knowing walkers who waved their thermally insulated gloved hands in salute as I passed.

On the upside, the photographs were well worth braving the Beast from the East for but would I do it again? Brrrrr! I think ice and a slice is strictly for my gin and tonic!

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