Rabbit in the headlights

So this is it! The Talk? This weekend I have been volunteered into talking about my passion for photography at the Summer Event at Botany Bay. I am going to be stood on a stage in front of a whole host of people allegedly trying to look composed and in control. The reality is public speaking is an all time no no for me and the mere thought of it is already causing more distress than an ‘oops’ moment. I am rehearsing my talk at work. My clients think I have lost the plot when the air is punctuated with ‘ hell, I’ve forgotten what I’m saying, again!’ I can see the sympathetic looks and all knowing nods.

At home, I had a light bulb moment! Why not video yourself doing it! Big mistake! Huge! Anyone ever listened themselves? You sound nothing like you think you sound. Your ears lie to you. On playback I sounded like a Lancashire lass trapped in an oil drum plus I had to be faced with looking at myself with more wrinkles than a prune. Total disaster!

So here I am with four days to go, rehearsing at every opportunity and using cue cards. I am hoping and praying I will be good to go on the day.

So, if you are coming to the Botany Bay Summer Event and attending my talk, I will be the rabbit in the headlights, looking for a way out. Treat me kindly!

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